Criminal Investigation Headquarters / PAD 10

The building is located to the north of the future Criminal Evidence Building, with a common parking structure in between. The grain of the building runs east-west akin to the two adjacent buildings to form a western edge to Road 401, with the Civil ID building and the future National Microfilm and Computing Center along the east. When approached from the 6th Ring Road, this assemblage composes an urban gateway to the Ministries Area.


Sloping down northwards, the building envelope restores visual harmony between the tall government buildings to the south and Al-Zahra’s low residences to the north. This urban threshold is coupled with the challenge of marrying the pragmatism of the bureaucratic intricacies of the program with the monumentalism that is typical of a government institution. A 20 m wide office floor plate snakes its way through the colonnaded urban canopy along the south facade, cascading gradually into the ground down to the basement for direct access to the jail, wrapped around an outdoor sunken courtyard.


The half-monument and half-office ‘minotaur’ building complex dynamically ramps and loops a generic office floor plate, gradating sectionally to mediate between the jail and the investigation pool, the prisoner and the investigator, the landscape and the monument, creating a lucid reading of negotiating binaries. The rising complex detaches itself from the flat desert landscape to shade a reflecting oasis-like pool sprinkled by pavilions for common use.


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  1. Interesting work… a careful interpretation of traditional instincts. The very purpose of courtyards and scales are retained and presented in a modern architectural style….The architect should have considered reducing of glass usage, it seems to be little on higher end.
    Never the less, good presentation of contextual approach….

  2. An amazing work of art. I also agree with Mr. Shravan on the great presentation of the contextual approach.

    My regards,


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