1 Design everyday. Wherever you go, if you hold a pencil and paper long enough you are sure to design something- anything new or even old.


Falling Water Sketch, By Ruba AlSaleh

2  Add your two cents to any existing design. You know how we see something, and always comment something like “if only the cladding were different”?  Well, add your two cents! Make that cladding different. 

3 Always finish a sketch when designing. Even if it’s nonsense half way through, once you’re done with it, it will make more sense that you had given it credit.

Industrial Prototype, Drawing by Abdulaziz AlRayes

4 Design something you always envisioned- a time machine, or a jetpack! Allow yourself to go wild. Who cares if it doesn’t exist now? After all, Steve Jobs designed the ipad before the iphone.

5 Design even when it’s not downtime. You don’t need to be in a quiet place with the music of your choice- you just need to a little bit of time and a little patience, and you’re sure to reach the creative side.

Urban Intervention, Design project by Dana AlOthman

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