I see my grandmother using her iphone swiftly. Usually, with new gadgets, she would need someone to show her how to work the basics, as is the case with most people. It was a nice surprise to see that when we got her the iPhone, she did not need much of a hands-on tutorial, somehow it was acquired knowledge through basic intuition. We have witnessed the younger generation, ages below two years old, learn how to hold the iphone, and how to simply adapt to it; but the true success here is, adapting the iphone to citizens who were so used to a phone-using method for so long.

A successful form of design in technology is one that can change the world, without having the world need to change for it.

My grandmother now, simply swipes to unlock her phone, and goes to the Weather app to tell us how the weather is changing in the next five days. Not only is this a reminder to her that she is active, well, and able to adapt, but it provides her with a sense of independence, a sense of intuitional understanding to what’s trendy and new in the world around her, with her children and grandchildren each carrying the newest form of technology.

We turn to Facebook and see older family members create their own accounts with such simplicity, providing them with an easy tool to search old friends and colleagues, and drop a line to reconnect in the simplest of fashions. Put the iPhone with a Facebook App together, and you would realize why many people are gaining confidence in themselves, regardless of whether they are usually out of tune with upto-date technology or not. Add FaceTime to that, and a whole new world of connectivity is provided at our fingertips, regardless of our age group.

Usually advancements are made with mainly the younger generation in mind. The huge leap in technology designs we have witnessed in the past few years, has been undeniably advatageous to our daily lives, but we tend to forget how much of a change it has provided to those who usually hate adapting to anything slightly more complex than what they’re used to, and the change it provided senior citizens with.

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