You Think You’re Smart?

Being smart doesn’t solve it all.

Yes, I just said what you read above. All the pressure we get from our parents as kids to get those straight A’s and graduate with honors, is definitely beneficiary, but it isn’t the only thing you need to have a successful future. I hope you’re not a kid reading this, but I’m sure once you’re done reading this you’ll notice that extra page entitled ‘life’ that you should add to your school book.

Being in the design field exposes a person to a different aspect of life. Life is not as you know it, or think you know it. The personalities you get introduced to daily in studio, on site, in the office or even with a client, all come from very different backgrounds and mentalities.

You’re all fresh and ready to meet up with this very important client of yours when you suddenly see a personality that exceeds all your expectations of the ‘opposite’. How do you deal with it and where you take that meeting to is what makes you either you’re bosses favorite designer, or the first name on the “getting fired” list. It’s how you adapt to your surroundings, and solve instant problems that counts.

You enter work or college, and you find out that you’re teamed up with colleague X, since most of our careers as designers revolve around team work in one way or the other, and that makes you feel like you want to simply throw them out the window or absolutely neglect their existence.What do you do?  Nothing. You live with it.  The moment you decide to go any other way about it, make sure that you’ll get into worse traps- because if you had the chance to slip out of the first one, you won’t the second time around. So the best solution is to try your best to adapt to it, fix it, and accept it, because it’ll simply end one day, and you might get surprised by how badly you misjudged colleague X.

It’s all about relativity. You think that life ends before the due date of you’re design submission, because you did not yet experience an hour before the due date of a project with a penalty clause for being late.

As humans we don’t understand a thing until we experience it. No matter how much advice you get from the people around you, you’ll still do the exact same thing you were told NOT to do.  Then what? Simple, someone will point at you and say “ I told you so!”

It’s funny how we believe that life is all about choices,when most of the things that work out in it are the things we had no choice into begin with, then made our choices through it.  So how is that possible? Is it because we over complicate our life to make the ‘right decisions’ or is it because we think we know it all ,and we’re going to be placed as the world’s smartest human being in Guinness book of records?


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  1. Bravo I like your article ,
    I just want to add a little but major point to all my fellow designer , young , old , or veteran like me .
    We are dealing with clients in a area that is an absolute blur dump if we are not careful . the deference between us and a contractor is: while they deal with needs ,we deal with DESIRES !
    Needs are easy to cover , desire are almost never satisfied ! especially in certain social class , culture, and compulsive consuming society .
    Kids who are feed up with desires , become very aggressive when they suddenly have to face reality .
    Everything is chilled and cool as long as you pampered and answer to dream world , but when the money and reality take place , we ve got Miss Jekyll and Miss Hid switching up right into your face . and this can be a very challenging experience …
    We are substitute analyst , spy , you name it . and we suppose to solve personal problems with the wrong tools .
    I suggest every designer who will have to enter the field of dreamland and beauty world to get himself into a communication course to channel whatever misunderstanding between him and client , because this is probably the most painful part of our job . when I was at school nobody ever talked about it either ! 27 years later I still try to figure out the all concept .
    Chill !

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